Working with colour again

12 06 15
Some things I've been working on.

May snippets

29 05 15

Snippets of Spring

28 04 15
Need more Spring? Go here and here

Fall and Spring are definitely the best seasons to visit Korea. The weather is the most comfortable (not freezing, not cooking). And Spring has the Lantern festival which is one of my favorites.
See the lights here // here // and here.

 Enjoy Spring!

Seollal + Korean Folk Village

21 02 15

This Seollal (설날) we went to Min Jae's Uncle's house in the morning. When we arrived there, the ceremony table was in the middle of being set up. It looks like the setup of Chuseok. (read this post if you are not yet familiar with the ceremony) But with not all the same dishes. For example it's custom to eat tteokguk ( soup with rice cake) for the New Year. 

I really like the sincerity of these Korean ceremonies. Like Chuseok we pay respect by bowing and pouring whine for the ancestors. There is a right order in how things are supposed to go. Min Jae's uncle even uses a manual for the correct placement of the dishes. Nobody in the family takes pictures. (I do sometimes, but never during a ceremony, it feels a little too inappropriate). These ceremonies feel really spiritual to me and I admire the effort and respect that goes into them. 

Afterwards Min Jae and I bowed for his parents, uncles and their wives. (This doesn't happen at Chuseok.) We received money in an envelope and they wished us happiness and let us -very subtle- know they'd like a grandchild this year- No pressure. 

After Seollal greetings and breakfast his parents took us to the Korean folk village in Suwon. It's usually not that far of a drive. But I wouldn't recommend driving there when its Seollal and roads are all coloured red on the GPS-system. But it's definitely fun visiting during Seollal as a lot of people and kids came in hanbok (free entree if you are in hanbok!). They also had a huge bonfire as celebration of the New Year. There was traditional dancing/music, games and horseback riding.

There is an interesting museum explaining a lot of Korean tradition and history. Did you know if you want to get pregnant with a baby boy you are recommended to eat chicken and fish? There are no tips on how to get a girl though. :/ When a boy is born they used to hang peppers on a string on the door. When it was a girl it was coal. Seriously! Or did you know that it was believed sleeping early on the day of  New Year makes you grow old faster. When kids used to doze off the parents sometimes put white powder on their eyebrows to give them a little scare. There are many of these little bits of information that are just fun to know. 

And if you like learning more about Korea's history I'd like to recommend the Topics In Korean History Podcast. Here is the website

Visit the Korean Folk Village website for all the information you could possibly need!
And have a very good start of the new year!

Ordinary weekend // Winter walk

11 01 15

The bliss of an ordinary weekend:
- Sleep longer (MJ wakes up at 11, me at 9)
- Clean the house completely (together, I'm not the clean one in this relationship)
-Do an activity; this weekend a nice walk in sunny weather. Though the winter has had some really cold days and freezing wind. This Saturday the sun was out and it was perfect weather for a walk. We were not the only one with that idea; 3/4 of our fellow walkers were ajosshis and adjummas with their hiking sticks and spiked shoes. 

-Get groceries for the coming week (On Saturday there is a market in front of the apartment)
- Order pizza, watch something, this weekend we discovered the American horror story series. It's really entertaining.

-We put the garbage outside.

~We are such a boring married couple, it's great.~

This one will do

24 12 14
This one will do.

 As Min Jae and I are not visiting Belgium like last year. It's probably going to be just the two of us and a skype connection to home. So just for family and friends at home; Ik mis jullie heel erg, misschien tot skyps vanavond (als we zo lang kunnen wakker blijven) Heel erg veel liefs. xxx M&L

And for those of you I don't know personally, Have a wonderful time with loved ones and eat plenty of dessert! 

I've also recently opened my Instagram account. So in the mean time before I post something new here, You can look at some snippets over there


03 12 14
Don't worry spicy food keeps you warm in Winter!
And as every year when the first snow falls, this song is stuck in my head- aah nostalgia...

Jan de Wilde: Eerste sneeuw // First snow

Jeju // 제주도

27 11 14

Sneak peek

26 11 14

It's been awhile since I really focused on drawing. I still feel like the wedding just happened and in fact it has been over a month. Today I worked on a couple of new projects. What you see here is something for a future blog post about the time when I was introduced to the ancestors. Goodnight!

National Hangeul Museum

13 11 14
Neat little books

The national Hangeul Museum opened in October and last night the bloggers from The Korea blog were invited for a guided tour. 

The museum is located right next to the beautiful National museum of Korea (I already posted about their impressive collection and the Korea bloggers welcoming dinner that was held there). The permanent collection of the National museum and the entrance to the Hangeul museum are free. So when you go there to visit you might as well do them both. (Ichon // 이촌역 subway station, exit 2 or the exit for the National Museum.) 

If you are new to what Hangeul is this is the place to get started! Hangeul is the alphabet used for the Korean language. It's actually very simple to learn and if you want to learn Korean, learning Hangeul is the first step. 

Young children will find many activities to playfully learn about Hangeul. And grown ups can easily learn the Korean alphabet here as well. There is also a lot information about it's origins and history available. The museum is not that big so after you visit the National Museum you can do this one as an extra.

Personally I was really charmed by the old printed books, posters, letters, documents etc. There are also a bunch of old typewriters, stamps, and board games. Old stuff, yay! 

It was really nice to meet up with other Korea Bloggers. One of them even brought authentic Belgian waffles-instant homesickness. (Waffle-baker Guy Kusters's blog: K-mood)

~And as always a big thank you to The Korea Blog for organising a nice evening out!